About Us: The Processing

The Welhunt group was established in 1992 in the purpose of trading important raw material all over the world with effective strategies to spread out the potential trade in global. Coming soon to Cambodia in 2014, the Welhunt Group has understood the precious ancient culture of this eastern country, which is as a traveller meets a valuable treasury. Not only seeing the secret wonderful inheritance, but Welhunt also sees the unlimited potential land of it.

The Detail

The Welhunt established Welwilling in Cambodia in order to develop agriculture sector in this country.Cambodia is not affected by any natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes and the weather of this country is good for agriculture. Welwilling decided to take cashew nuts product as the first choice to develop in Cambodia by using Taiwan technical selecting the cashew types and planting. After three years of this project(lickinpussy.net) We finally get our fruitful result from our cashew trees. The cashew tress have been growing properly and they are not only changing the Cambodia people living conditions, but also bring hope to Cambodia economics


To be the most trusted, World –Class, socially response and farming techniques


To enrich the lives of all we touch, from farmers to employees and to consumers through the Creation of the highest quality processed fruits that are naturally flavorful, healthy and enjoyable.