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Someone says that cashew nuts are God’s grace to poor countries. However, although Cambodia produces high-quality cashews, it does not make a profit. People only  export raw materials with a low price due to a lack of processing techniques. By introducing advanced equipment and new agricultural technique from Taiwan to Cambodia, we establish a large-scale production line to promote the development of cashew nut industry and make Cambodia a better place.


From the moment we planted the first cashew tree, we know that this is not easy. Not only the environment is important, pruning, weeding, harvesting is also necessary. The process of removing shells and skin is even more difficult. In the past, no one was willing to discuss the production areas and processing of cashews in detail, making it difficult for consumers to know the story behind cashews. Now, we will take everyone to know about the origin and the growing process of cashew nuts.

1.Delivered straight from the source

Located in Kampot Province, the cashew nut farm with a total area of 351 hectares, is the starting point of our cultivation in Cambodia. From growing to processing, we have introduced the advanced technique to Cambodia, so that we can process directly in the producing area and keep the freshness of nuts.

2. Unique Variety

White, large, and sweet cashews that are only native to Cambodia. Carefully selected from thousand cashews, each one is sweeter and fuller than the ones on the market. You can taste the sweetness and milk amora after chewing, which will definitely impress you.

3. Nutrient-Rich Snack

As the top of nuts, cashew nut is not only a good source of protein and dietary fiber, but also rich in vitamins, Omega-3, and unsaturated fatty acids. Eat cashew nuts every day can refresh your brain and make your work more efficient.